Currently, the LibEcho Javascript API makes extensive use of ES6 class notation. As such, games that use the library will only run on non-ancient browsers. If you are still using IE9 or Mosaic or something, you really ought to upgrade. ;)

The library is also transpiled to minified ES5 for use in stable releases, but as of now this build is buggy and hard to extend. We highly recommend that you use the ES6 build for testing and alpha/beta releases, at least, as this will make your debugging far easier.

Documentation by Module:

Building from Source:


  1. Create a "Tweego" project in your workspace and install the Tweego binary and story-formats into it.
  2. Check out the project from SVN.
  3. Watch it validate and build automatically.


  1. "npm install" to install all the dependencies.
  2. "node build.js" to compile the libraries.
  3. "npm run jsdoc" to compile the documentation.
  4. "tweego -l -o build/LibEcho-Tests.html build/es6/debug/LibEcho-All.es6.debug.js test" to compile the test story.

The libraries will be placed in the "build/" directory. Documentation will be placed in the "doc/" directory.